A guide for female entrepreneurs and other awesome people who want to relocate their business to NYC.

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What you will get.

#letsdothisNY is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to make it in New York. Here’s more information on what you will find in the guide.

  • The Basics

    Find housing. Open a bank account. Get a visa. Everything you need to know to get the basics right will be in this guide.

  • This is New York.

    A detailed introduction to one of the greatest cities in the world; with this guide, you’ll get the lay of the land very quickly.

  • Keep on keeping on.

    Want to not only really soak up that NY State of Mind, but also continue to use it once you’re back home? We’ll tell you how.

  • Where to Connect & Network

    Also included: A vast amount of networks, organizations and meetups where you can quickly meet like-minded people and peers.

Who we are.

#letsdothisNY is published by female entrepreneurs who’ve been there.

After living and working for 2 years in London, Melinda decided to become a freelance content and communications strategist. She has been working closely with startups and small business owners for almost 4 years now, seeing first-hand how lack of information and guidance can easily shatter an entrepreneur’s mission.

Elisabeth is a business and tech reporter who has spent two years in San Francisco building her journalism business while covering the Silicon Valley craziness. Nowadays, Elisabeth is traveling cities all over the East and West Coast to foster relationships between Europe and the US and publish news in her online magazine Fillmore.

Support us now.

We successfully finished our Kickstarter campaign! “Let’s do this, New York” will be released in spring 2016. We’re also putting together our “Let’s do this, Silicon Valley” edition which will be out later this year.

If you want to get our guide, we’ve created several bundles to choose from. You can either order a digital or print copy and if you want further hands-on guidance, we’re happy to share our know-how in workshops.

Get notified when #letsdothisNY guide is out